Display notches are, to put it kindly, an inelegant solution to a vexing design problem. How can you get as much screen as possible in a phone while still offering a front-facing camera? Most OEMs are going to notch route, but Huawei is about to try something different: a hole. Huawei is teasing a device believed to be the Nova 4, which could beat Samsung's hole-punch phone to market.

So far, the device has appeared in a promo image as well as part of a live Chinese web broadcast. The camera hole is clearly visible in the upper left corner of the display. It's closer to the top than the side, presumably to fit inside the status bar. Despite the space-saving hole, there's still a chin at the bottom of the phone. Although, it doesn't seem too egregious. Huawei is probably using an LCD panel, which makes bezel-less designs more difficult.

Samsung revealed a series of concept designs at its recent developer conference, including the Infinity-O design. Like the Huawei phone, this display includes a hole in the upper left for the front-facing camera. Rumors point to the Galaxy A8S as the first Infinity-O device as soon as next month. Huawei will announce the Nova 4 in December as well. Time will tell who's first.