Over the past few months, Google Maps has received several updates to its design, bottom tabs, and various place listings, all in an effort to make it fit with Google's new Material Design look. What hadn't changed however was the side menu. But that's no longer the case now as Maps has overhauled that menu to fit with the rest of the interface.


Left: Previous Maps menu. Right: New Maps menu.

The new menu changes the typography to Product Sans, brings hollow icons, and reorganizes the bottom options a little. Terms of Service are less prominent and occupy their own section at the bottom, along with a new shortcut to easily view the Privacy Policy. (Eagle eyed readers would also notice that my phone has the new Messages option to talk to businesses while my tablet doesn't.)

The new menu seems to be showing up for everyone now, whether they're using the stable or beta Maps app. But don't worry if you don't have it yet. There's nothing really functionally different there.

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