I'm generally borderline obsessive about closing Chrome tabs I'm not using, but some people like to test the limits of their RAM by keeping dozens open at any given time. Chrome engineer Peter Kasting has shared some good news for such users: the browser's tabstrip will eventually be scrollable.

Currently, as you continue to open tabs in Chrome, they'll get progressively smaller until only each site's favicon is visible. Open more, and the tabs just shrink further — not a particularly elegant solution. Kasting confirmed in a Reddit comment that a scrollable solution is coming, but didn't say when.

"Scrollable tabstrip is in the works," Kasting wrote in response to a Redditor frustrated by the current tab situation. "In the meantime, try using shift-clicking and ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then drag out to separate windows to group tabs by window." (Those are some solid tab management tips.)

Firefox already behaves this way. If you insist on hoarding tabs in Chrome, the ability to scroll through them with labels intact — along with the forthcoming Tab Groups — should make handling your collection less of a chore. Consider making better use of bookmarks, though.