Google is in the midst of transforming its music and video subscription services under the YouTube name, and that includes some small pricing changes. Students can get a deal, though. Google is reportedly announcing student-only pricing for YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium today. Both options shave several bucks off the monthly price, and it's even cheaper if you act fast.

According to TechCrunch, Google is debuting the student pricing at $4.99 per month for Music Premium and $6.99 per month for YouTube Premium. The standard prices are $9.99 and $11.99, respectively. In addition, a special promo will drop the price of YouTube Premium to $5.99 per month for students who sign up for the service by January 31st.

YouTube Music Premium includes unlimited access to Google's library of music with background play, downloads, and ad-free listening. YouTube Premium includes all the music benefits but expands downloads, background play, and ad-free viewing to all YouTube content. It also includes YouTube originals. Student subscriptions are open to anyone attending an accredited US college or university, and it's good for up to four years. However, you need to verify with SeerID again every year. You don't need an @edu email, so you can keep the benefits for a bit longer even if you graduate in a few weeks.