Surviving the holidays can be one very expensive proposition. Beyond travel, dressing your best, and probably a few fancy meals in there, a lot of us also take on the expense of purchasing all manner of gifts for our friends and family. That can add up right quick, but Google's hoping to ease the impact on some lucky shoppers as it announces plans to give away up to $500 in Google Express credit.

Here's how it works: buy something on Google Express between now and November 25, and when Google asks you to, give it the OK to send you promotional emails. Then just kick back and relax, and sometime around the end of the month Google will reach out to you with a Google Express coupon code.

Everyone who participates is guaranteed to get at least a $10 off $35 coupon. But you've got a chance to win even more, with 1,500 shoppers taking home a $15 coupon, 100 getting $100, and five big winners snagging $500 each (albeit split up into five $100 coupons).

OK, so your chances of winning one of those grand prizes probably isn't great. But even the $10 off $35 isn't bad, and considering the low bar of entry here — why not give it a shot?