Both the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display have received updates that make them better alarm clocks: you can now set alarms by touch, without the need to talk to the devices. The new functionality comes in firmware version on the Lenovo display and version 1.36 on the Home Hub — although the 1.36 update is currently only available for Hubs enrolled in the Google's Preview Program.

Of course, the updates bring other functionality too. On the Home Hub, the control panel accessible by a swipe up from the bottom of the screen has been retooled, now showing five icons that allow you to adjust the brightness or volume, mute the device, add an alarm, or open more detailed settings. The volume icon will open two sliders: one for media volume and one for alarm volume.

Meanwhile, the Lenovo display received a host of tweaks along with touch alarms, including the ability to save recipes in a "cookbook" to review later. Here's Lenovo's official list of new features:

  • Touch Alarms in Quick Settings
  • Remove, Favorite and Share Photos
  • My Cookbook (Save & Retrieve Recipes)
  • Thanksgiving Recipe Recommendations Card
  • Nest Hello doorbell 2-way talk via touch
  • Timeout faster to Dark Screen (instead of Home) when in low light
  • Support "turn off the screen"
  • Bigger dark screen clock face
  • Change display to min versus auto brightness
  • Show previous feature, when swiping off current feature

The updates are rolling out now — although, again, the Home Hub's is only for those in the Preview Program. You can sign up for the Preview Program through the Google Home app on your phone.