If you're willing to spend home theater-level pricing, but don't want to deal with a standalone speaker/receiver setup, super-expensive soundbars like Sony's 7.1.2-channel unit might be your figurative and literal jam. But if the original $1,500 asking price was just a bit too rich for your blood, the price has been dropped basically everywhere to $1,200.

It's an 800W, wireless soundbar with Dolby Atmos, 4K HDR, and HDCP 2.21 support. That extra ".2" in channel support means additional upwards source for sounds — though obviously, this is a soundbar, so that means it's bouncing sound off the ceiling.

Product listings state "Google Home" compatibility, which means it can be remotely controlled without having any smart speaker-like built-in Assistant functionality of its own. It also has Chromecast support nestled inside for streaming content, and it supports Spotify Connect.

Prices seem to have dropped almost everywhere for Black Friday, with savings ranging from $300-$100 (Amazon has had it on sale as low as $1,300 a few times). Retailers with the discount are listed below.