If you want exquisite-sounding music in your life, Sonos is one of the best options out there, especially when it comes to a hassle-free and reliable multi-room setup. The only problem is that the hardware is rather expensive. Thankfully, Black Friday is here and there are a few enticing Sonos offers.

The $25 off a Sonos One doesn't seem like much, but they're so rarely discounted, and if you're planning to buy several of them, that saving soon adds up. Don't forget that it's Alexa-enabled out of the box, but Google Assistant is on its way early next year.

Bonus deal: Sonos Play:1 (refurbished) — $114.99 (save $35) from Best Buy

In addition to the above, there are also various bundles you can buy, although the prices aren't any better than if you bought the items separately. Still, if you're looking to get one or two pieces to improve your home audio experience, there are some good discounts to be had here.