We get it: With microSD card prices dropping all the time, it can be tricky to get excited about all-time low prices. After all, chances are they're just going to be even lower tomorrow. But there are those deals that slowly trickle down, and then there are those that positively obliterate earlier prices. We're leaning much more in the latter direction for this new batch of SanDisk microSD sales at Amazon, the highlight of which is a 400GB card for just under $80.

Over the past six months alone we've seen prices on this 400GB card drop from $180 to $160, to $140, and recently it had been threatening to hit a cool $100. But today Amazon's knocking it down all the way to $79.99. That's a lot of storage ready to be added to your microSD-compatible smartphone for a great value.

But this 400GB card isn't the only SanDisk microSD option on sale today. Your options run the gamut down to 64GB for under $12 (smaller cards didn't even make the cutoff for this sale), and hopefully you can find a price/capacity sweet spot somewhere in there. If you need more performance than these U1, Speed Class 10, A1-rated cards offer, there's also a U3 Extreme 256GB option for $79.99 — take your pick.

Since this is an Amazon Deal of the Day for the Ultra cards, the clock's ticking — as we publish, you've got about nine hours left.