Those of you who read our accessories guide that went up yesterday will have seen this battery, Jackery's Supercharge 26800 PD, included as a more premium option. At $119.99 with an included 45W wall charger, we already thought that was a pretty good deal. However, Jackery is offering Android Police readers an exclusive 25% discount code on Amazon, bringing the price down to a downright amazing $89.99.

At a glance, $89.99 seems like a lot of money for a battery, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one as high-capacity, powerful, and well-reviewed as this one. The design of the metal body, while a bit derivative, looks sleek and should hold up well against scratches. The 26,800mAh capacity is more than you'll ever need, and the 45W USB Type-C Power Delivery output is enough to keep your laptops going while plugged in. There's also a standard 5V/3A USB-A port. More interesting, however, is the digital battery percentage gauge — something that other companies should implement in their batteries.

To get the $89.99 price, use code SUPER268 at checkout. Prime shipping is free. Bear in mind that you're getting a 45W wall charger, something that would normally cost around $15, included as well.