Pulled from the Play Store two months ago, Sam Ruston's much-loved indie weather app Weather Timeline has reappeared, sort of - with a different developer listed as the publisher (the listing still isn't visible if you never installed the app, so you can't get it if you never had it).

The new publisher, ACME AtronOmatic, is the developer behind two other apps on the Play Store - one a basic weather radar viewer (the free version has 4.4 stars with over 10 million downloads), the other an obscure flight tracking app. ACME processes its own weather radar data, which would make it significantly more capable of absorbing the costs of running a weather data aggregator, costs that eventually led Ruston to remove his app from the store.

We asked Ruston about the fate of Weather Timeline in light of today's developments, and he wasn't able to provide us a statement at this time.

There are a couple theories we have as to what's going on here, but we don't have any reason to suspect it's anything nefarious - ACME looks like a legitimate developer, and if they had acquired Weather Timeline (and we have no confirmation they have), nothing they've created to date would lead us to believe they're going to ruin it or anything like that. After all, they clearly do weather.

We'll obviously keep an eye out for developments here should they occur, but if you were a Weather Timeline fan hoping the app wouldn't actually, really die: keep that torch held high. It may well be returning.

Weather Timeline - Forecast
Weather Timeline - Forecast
Developer: Sam Ruston
Price: $1.49