Facebook's recently-revealed Portal video calling device is already getting a price cut for Black Friday at Best Buy. The 10.1" Portal is going for $149.99, which lets you save $50 on the video calling product that just debuted on Nov. 8.

Facebook's products, which it steadfastly reminds us were "built with privacy and security in mind," are available in two flavors: the smaller 10-inch screen Portal for $199, and the larger Portal+ that can be rotated for $349. Both feature Amazon Alexa support and allow for calling contacts via Facebook Messenger. The products also include a special cover to ensure the camera is inaccessible when not in use as well.

Both devices are available for purchase directly from Facebook, via Amazon, or Best Buy, which appears to be the only retailer thus far running a Black Friday sale. You can alternatively save $100 when you purchase two at once, but for anyone looking to adopt another Alexa-enabled companion for their home, it's a bit of savings. It doesn't make the whole ordeal any less creepy, though, considering it's a Facebook product.

Source: Best Buy