According to a report published today by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung's next Galaxy S phone may have up to four total variants, one of which will sport a chunky 6.7"screen, six cameras, and 5G connectivity when it lands sometime next spring. In addition to that tech-toting titan, three smaller models are allegedly planned for an earlier release in February.

According to the report, though the company is in talks with several carriers in the US, "Samsung is in discussions with Verizon about a potential exclusive distribution arrangement, though the terms and length of that arrangement aren’t yet final." That could indicate that the 5G model, when it lands, could be a carrier-exclusive in the 'states.

Unlike recent years, where we've had the standard Galaxy S and a slightly larger "Plus" model, versions of the upcoming S10 span a range of three different display sizes from 5.8" to 6.4", and internally they go by the names Beyond 1-3, confirming previously leaked names. These phones are expected to have between three and five cameras each, corroborating previous leaks.

The mammoth, 5G, six-camera unit goes by the name "Beyond X," and it's expected to have two of those cameras on the front, and four on the back. 5G support was also previously leaked, but now seems to be confirmed, though the WSJ believes only the biggest model will get it. Reverse wireless charging, likely akin to that present on the Mate 20 Pro is also allegedly being considered, though these features are subject to change as details are finalized.

As expected, a Samsung spokesperson declined to comment when approached on the subject by the Wall Street Journal. With expected release dates of February and "Spring" for the smaller phones and the 5G colossus, respectively, we'll have a short wait before us.

The company was also teasing a handful of notch types at its developer conference, though rumor has it that it settled on a "punch hole" style camera cutout, as well as an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. Between that and the WSJ's report, the S10 sounds like it'll pack pretty much every new feature possible when it hits, and with mobile profits declining, that could help turn things around.