OnePlus is pushing the new 6T pretty hard with its T-Mobile partnership. However, there are still some OnePlus 6 units sitting around in the warehouse. Apparently, that means it's time for a sale. OnePlus will knock $100 off the price of the OnePlus 6 starting at 3AM EST tomorrow.

In the past, OnePlus has always stopped sales of its old phone in the lead-up to a new release. This year is different. Most versions of the OnePlus 6 are still for sale in the OP store. There wasn't even a discount when the 6T launched, making the OP6 a tough sell. Now, you'll be able to get the phone starting at $429 for the 6/64GB version. The 8/128GB will sell for $479. The 8/256GB is out of stock, and I wouldn't expect it to come back.

The OnePlus 6 has much of the same hardware as the new 6T. There's a Snapdragon 845 SoC, ample RAM/storage, a dual camera, and a 6.28-inch OLED display. It also has one thing the 6T doesn't: a headphone jack. You miss out on the smaller notch and in-display fingerprint reader, and the battery is a little smaller. Still, you won't find a more capable phone for $430. The sale starts at 3AM EST tomorrow, which is midnight on the US west coast.

Forgot about yesterday's announcement of this $100-off OnePlus 6 deal? We couldn't let that happen, so we're circling 'round again to give you a little reminder.

Just as promised, OnePlus is knocking $100 off the price of its early-2018 flagship. That means you can pick up a 6/64GB OP6 for $429, an 8/128GB model for $479, and even then 8/256GB configuration for $529. We initially had our doubts about stock availability of the latter, and while shipping's currently seeing an 11-day delay, you can still get your order in and lock down these savings.

Down to £399 in the UK

There's also a big price drop for the OnePlus 6 in the UK, with £70 off each of the variants. The OnePlus website also has 50% off a bunch of accessories.

While it seems has already sold out of the base model (£399), you can still get it on along with the more expensive variants for £449. Check out the links below:

  • Mirror Black (6/64GB) — £399 — Amazon
  • Midnight Black (8/128GB) — £449 — OnePlus, Amazon
  • Red (8/128GB) — £449 — Amazon
  • White (8/128GB) — £449 — Amazon
  • Midnight Black (8/256GB) — £499 — Amazon