Chrome OS users who rely on Family Link to manage their kids' computer habits just got a slew of new features, thanks to the Chrome OS 71 Beta.

Now, parents can manage a curated list of websites they've greenlit for their kids to use and approve apps downloaded via the Google Play store. Family Link also allows parents to hide specific apps already installed and manage in-app purchases for those already on the Chromebook.

Family Link also now offers specialized activity reports that track how much time is spent on individual apps. Some, like music players and messaging apps that tend to run in the background, won't be tracked as closely with the weekly or monthly report options. But you can bet it'll track how much time they waste on Fortnite, so you'll know exactly why that homework's not getting done.

Finally, parents will be able to manage Google Account settings for their kids, as well as remotely lock any supervised accounts on a particular Chromebook, whether it's used by one or multiple users.

Google's Family Link parental control service, designed to help parents keep an eye on what kids are doing when they're using an Android phone, tablet, or computer, is a useful tool, especially with these new additions. It was recently split into separate apps for parents and teens, where previously it was all combined in a single app. The switch brought additional monitoring meant for teens, after users widely requested the service.

To use this new suite of features, your Chromebook must be on Beta Channel, with your kids signed in. If you still need to switch, Google has instructions for doing so available online.