Smart lighting may seem frivolous (and it totally is), but once you use it for a while, you start to see the benefit. An inexpensive way to try it out is with a smart light switch, and right now, Wemo's Wi-Fi-enabled switch is just $27.99 on Amazon, $22 off its normal $49.99 price.

The switch connects to the internet and can be triggered using Wemo's app, the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT (or with your finger like a regular switch, if you walk up to it). You can schedule it to turn on and off at certain times, or get fancy IFTTT recipes. The switch isn't just for lights; it can control anything it's connected to, like fans or A/C units.

It does have to be wired, though. Swapping out a light switch is a fairly straightforward operation and you can find any number of tutorials online, but if you're not confident you know what you're doing, ask somebody who does for help.

This price is only good for today, November 19, so if you're interested, get to gettin'.