AppDialer Pro, a simple T9-style app launcher, has gone free, according to developer Oleksii Masnyi in a recent Medium post.

The free version of the app is being discontinued, with all users being given a refund if they purchased AppDialer Pro after Aug. 31, 2018. All Pro features will now be available at no charge, though the refund process won't happen automatically. Masnyi originally intended for this to be so, but later edited his post to clarify that users will need to contact him for a refund at [email protected] as automatic refunds will remove the app from the phone or tablet it's installed on.

"I made the app primary for myself, rejected many out of scope feature requests and put as much focus on usability as possible," said Masnyi of AppDialer's origins. It's a six-year-old program, and one that a wide variety of users rely on (according to its slew of reviews) to streamline their app-launching needs.

AppDialer Pro should appeal to users that prefer to focus on speed and efficiency, especially those familiar with the old-school traditional T9 keypad input method. The Pro version of the formerly free app does add an augment by way of a quick notifications panel that lets you access your most-used app, as well as a selection of other options.

It isn't clear why AppDialer Pro is going free, and creator Masnyi's post doesn't go out of its way to explain the change. There's little to extrapolate from his decision, in fact, other than he's pretty psyched to have the app out there for free. But if you'd been hesitating to spend the $2 but were curious if it would add any useful augments, wonder no more.

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