Xiaomi announced the Mi Box S on October 9, on the same day as Google's Pixel 3 et al. announcements. This new Android TV box from the company keeps its cheap pricing, but you wouldn't say no to more savings, would you? In that case, you can now grab the Mi Box S along with a Home Mini for $24 off the total price of both.

While the Mi Box S isn't the highest-specc'ed media streamer, it'll do its job just fine and play 4K HDR video. It also runs Android TV 8.1 with the new homescreen setup, and comes with a remote that can activate Google Assistant.

On its own, the Mi Box S costs $59.99 and you'll have to add $49 for the Home Mini (though we've seen the latter discounted very frequently). Together in the bundle, they're $84.99 instead of $108.99, a savings of $24. You can think about it like this: you're getting the Home Mini for $25 and, even if you already have enough smart speakers in your home, it'll make a great gift for a friend or relative this holiday.

This bundle is available exclusively at Walmart and you can pick between the charcoal and chalk colors of the Home Mini. If you're interested, grab it from the link below — just scroll below the main listing to the Buy Together & Save section.

One of our eagle-eyed readers noticed this combination is now $5 cheaper, making this already good deal just a little bit better.

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