Robotic vacuums are the sort of thing you can't live without once you get one. The convenience of routine automated cleaning saves tons of time, even if you should still give the process a bit of manual attention once in a while. Like everything else, the models with better features (like smart assistant support) tend to be more expensive, but ECOVACS' DEEBOT N79S combines a terrible name with Google Home and Alexa integration, and for the next eleven hours it's just $140 as an Amazon Deal of the Day.

A previous Assistant-less incarnation of this vacuum cleaner was a Wirecutter pick, so hopefully, this updated "S" model sticks to the quality that earned the original its recommendation. Former AP-er Martim enjoyed his N79 quite a bit. The N79S has all the basics you can expect from a robotic vacuum like spot clean, auto-return charging, anti-collision sensors, etc.

Prior reviews indicate the Home/Assistant integration is a relatively new feature, and the product listing only explicitly mentions "Google Home voice commands" a single time, but we've seen reports elsewhere that it does, in fact, work. As a backup, it also has an app for manual control, configuring scheduled timers, receiving error alerts, and consumable part lifetime service tracking.

It may not compare to more expensive models, but for $140, it's a cheap way to get a smart robotic vacuum. Just be sure to pick one up before the deal ends tonight if you're interested.