Smart home gadgets, especially outdoor smart home cameras, tend to be on the expensive side, but Verizon has pushed out a substantial discount on the Canary Flex, an indoor/outdoor weatherproof HD security camera. Right now you can snag one for just $100 at Verizon of all places, which is half of the $200 MSRP, which Canary is still asking for at its own site.

If you're a newcomer to Canary products, keep in mind that you'll need to spend more to get a membership, which is required to get any real functionality out of the company's products — though it wasn't always that way. The camera is otherwise about what you'd expect, slinging a slightly low-res 720p feed (downscaled from 1080p) over WiFi, and it has a built-in battery for wireless use, plus other smarter functionality like "Person Detection" via the Canary service.

The Canary Flex has averaged around $150 over at Amazon in recent months, and it's currently about $20 more expensive there via a third-party seller, so the current discount covers the range from 50% off MSRP ($100 off) to a less excited $20 savings, depending on where or what you compare it against.

But, if you are interested, I'd urge you to act quickly. The white colorway is already out of stock, and the sale ends tonight.