Sony has just released a new app called PlayJ for users who want to share experiences with their friends. Mobile gamers can stream their playing action to another person's device so they can watch, and videos can also be viewed together remotely.

The app is currently in beta but it's not exclusive to Sony Xperia phones so anyone can try it out. Once you've signed in with your Google or Facebook account, you'll be able to select a game and invite a friend to share your screen with. Your friend's video feed will appear in a small window and you can chat away as if you're in a call with them.

It's not limited to games, either, so you can share any app with someone — this means you can watch YouTube videos or look at a particularly enthralling spreadsheet together. There's also an 'App of the day' section with a free game or app offered every 24 hours, linked to an on-sale item in the Play Store.


The idea is not new — it's similar to an app called Bunch — but Sony has made PlayJ with the high level of polish you'd expect from them. Install it via the Play Store to give it a go — alternatively, you can get it from APK Mirror.