The latest Pixel phones are a little too spendy for some, but Google's Project Fi service has a deal that might make them more palatable. If you purchase two 2018 Pixels on a group plan, you can get a $799 service credit. That's sort of a "buy one, get one" deal as the base model Pixel 3 costs $799. You do still have to buy the phones, though.

Google has the full terms listed on the Fi website, and you'd do well to read them. There are a few important stipulations you wouldn't see on a traditional carrier promo because these are unlocked phones. First, you need to add a line to your plan for one of the phones with a ported number, but one person must purchase both devices. You can pay outright or use Google's financing, but then make sure to activate both phones (one on the new line) within 30 days. You need to keep them active for at least 60 days to qualify for the service credit.

After fulfilling the requirements, you'll get the credit in another month or so. That credit is only useful when your account is active, so it doesn't do you any good if you pause service. If you decide to take Google up on this offer, you'll have to buy the phones and add your line by 11/22/18 at 10PM PT. Make sure you read the terms in full, too. Fi users have reported issues getting the service credits with past deals of this nature.