If you're having issues with your nest devices right now, you aren't alone. By all appearances, the service seems to be in the midst of an outage. According to the company's Twitter account, and Twitter support account, it's looking into it.

According to downdetector.com, reports are flooding in, but at the current time, there doesn't seem to be any actual explanation for the outage. Reports indicate it started within the last half hour (we started running into trouble ourselves around that time), and the outage is ongoing.

What you'll see if you try to use the Nest app for Android right now. 

If Nest/Google release any additional information about the outage, its cause, or an expected timeframe for a fix, we'll be sure to update our coverage. In the meantime, your smart home might be just a bit dumber.

Nest is back up

Based on our own experience, Nest appears to be back up, though YMMV. Depending on the nature of the outage, it may not yet be working for everyone.