Samsung added a theme store to its Galaxy devices a few years ago, and the popularity of Samsung phones has led many developers to create content for the store. A lot of the themes are free, but Samsung is making some changes to how those themes work. A new popup in the theme store reveals that Samsung plans to limit free themes to 14 days of usage with the Pie update.

You should see this (poorly worded) notice on your Samsung Galaxy device right now, even though the Pie update is still months off. According to the popup, free themes applied on Pie devices will remain active for 14 days. After that, your phone reverts to the stock theme. It's unclear if you can immediately reapply the same theme, though. You'll get a notification reminding you of the limit one day before your phone reverts. Another will appear 10 minutes before your phone turns into a pumpkin.

Samsung says it's doing this to "help developers continue to create high quality products." Presumably, Samsung thinks developers will just make their themes paid so people can use them for more than 14 days. As a bonus, Samsung gets a cut of sales. I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with the change, right Samsung? We've reached out to Samsung for more information but have not heard back as of this posting. We'll update if Samsung can provide additional details.