OnePlus is calling its latest colorway for its flagship 6T "Thunder Purple," which might evoke in your mind a deep, dark color akin to a storm at night. But, the color chosen is a bit lighter than that. Although it transitions with a smooth gradient to matte black, the overall effect is more sunny squall than twilight tempest, and akin to Samsung's Lilac purple — though a bit darker.

Deep inside, this is the same OnePlus 6T we previously reviewed (and liked). In case you missed it, that means you get a Snapdragon 845, 6.41" 1080p-equivalent AMOLED display, a fancy in-display fingerprint reader, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage; essentially on par with every other 2018-era flagship, but at a much better $579 price.

The new Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T still has OnePlus' nearly trademark "S-Curve" effect across the back. It isn't always quite so pronounced as it is above, but with a strong light at the right angle, it jumps out.


The new color isn't solidly purple/lilac either. It transitions with a smooth gradient to black at the top. The anodized aluminum frame surrounding the glass makes the same transition up the sides, with a full black color at the top.


Left: Midnight Black vs. Thunder Purple, Right: Front view.

Wallpaper defaults to a purple-complimenting set of colors as well. For the uninitiated, OnePlus has some built-in wallpapers by Hampus Ollson that make an interesting animated transition as you go from the lockscreen to the homescreen.

OnePlus' new Thunder Purple color goes on sale at 9AM EST, November 15th, at which time you'll be able to pick it up from OnePlus' site in the 8GB/128GB size. And you can use our referral link to get $20 off accessories with your purchase — which also earns us referral credit, FYI.

Just remember, where there's thunder, there is rain.