Hunger drives innovation. That can be hunger for change, or hunger for more efficient ways of getting things done, but sometimes it's really just hunger — like, for food. Over the years, we've seen Google bring us a number of convenient ways to connect us with a little sustenance, like back at I/O when it detailed how Assistant would take users' food orders. Today we're looking at the latest advancement along these lines, with a fully-integrated ordering system coming to Search on the web.

If you're thinking "I could already order food from Google Search," you're not entirely wrong, and its been several years now since Google gave hungry users the ability to quickly connect with online order and delivery services.

But the key bit there is that Google would direct you to place your actual order on the websites of those third-party delivery services. We recently spotted a new support doc that seemed to hint at a revamped ordering system, one that would take place entirely within Search. As it turns out, not only is this new system live, but it seems to have been in place (to one extent or another) for a few months now.

When searching for supported restaurants you'll now see a big "Order Online" button. Tapping that lets you choose between delivery and pickup, gives you the option to schedule an order for later, and lets you choose between available order partners.

Even after choosing one, though, your ordering experience remains on Google's site, where you're presented with the menu to get started assembling your meal. No matter which provider you go with, this results in a consistent, familiar UI, where you can customize items, add special instructions, and finally get your order ready to submit.