Google's announcements today aren't just about the Assistant. While most of that functionality will also be coming to Smart Displays, they're getting a few unique tidbits of their own in the coming weeks that could come in handy when cooking this Thanksgiving.

New cards for recommended recipes will be visible on your Smart Display home screens (visible in the GIF above). They'll be seasonally and time-appropriate, with content tied to recipes you've previously searched for, making them even more relevant. That means breakfast food if you check in the AM and Thanksgiving recipes for the next couple weeks.

When you find a recipe that you like, you'll also be able to save them into your to your personal cookbook for later review/retrieval, so they aren't lost to the digital void.

We've checked our own hardware, and so far these features haven't arrived yet, but Google assures us they're coming over the next few weeks.

Google also felt the need to point out an (old) visual game you can play on your Smart Display right now called "Are You Feeling Lucky?" that's a five-round gameshow-styled trivia game which could be fun for the family come Thanksgiving.

Google is also formally announcing media support for new hardware in Home View (the smart home integrated control panel on Smart Displays), including Panasonic, Roku, LG, set-top boxes from Telstra, and Logitech Harmony integration. We know some of these are old, but Google has a habit of being late to its own announcements when it comes to the Assistant.