Pocket Casts has long been a go-to podcast player for many Android users, but it hasn't seen any appreciable visual updates for years. That changes today. The v7 beta build shows off a fully redesigned interface, along with some new usability features.

Here's the changelog attached to the beta update.

Welcome to the first public beta of Pocket Casts 7! A lot of things have changed and we're not quite done yet, which is why you're here! Help us test, find bugs and report issues and earn your beta stripes! Grug find bugs good. Good Grug!
Big changes:
- Redesigned almost every aspect of the app to make it smoother, faster, better
- Play without subscribing
- Search podcast episodes
- Up Next Syncing to other platforms
- So much more, but Google limit us to 500 characters in this little box :(

While the developers promise much more than they could fit in the changelog box, that appears to be all the important stuff. The app looks very different—simpler, and you have dark, OLED dark, and light theme options. The bottom navigation is also easier to use on large phones. However, it's a beta. There are some missing and buggy features. For example, there's no multi-select, and it's harder to access the up next queue.

The dark theme

If you want to check out the new Pocket Casts for yourself, the beta is open to everyone. You'll need to own Pocket Casts, which costs $3.99. Some screens of the old UI are below if you want to compare.

The old look.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player