At the Pixel 3 launch event in NYC, Google showed off what it called "Night Sight," a feature that produced incredible looking photos in a near-absence of light. Modified versions of the Google Camera app gave everyone willing to sideload them an early taste at the feature, but the wait is now over. And according to Google, Night Sight is rolling out for all Pixel devices, past and present, in the coming days.

In a Blog post on the subject today — which goes into delightful detail about precisely how Night Sight works — the specifics of compatibility were revealed as well. Although it's rolling out to the 2016 Pixel and Pixel 2 as well as the Pixel 3, aspects of its performance are precisely tuned for the latter, so don't expect quite the same experience on each. The OG Pixel also lacks optical image stabilization, so it has to use shorter exposures, which can further compromise the quality compared to more recent hardware. Still, it's pretty slick to see a two-year-old device picking up new features.

iPhone XS (left) and Pixel 3 w/ Night Sight (right). Image via Google.

Keep in mind that the viewfinder won't be reflective of Night Sight's actual results when in the mode. Since it doesn't do all the photo processing magic until you capture an image, that preview is based on a somewhat noisy long exposure.

We reached out to Google to confirm the news, and were told "it's rolling out over the next few days and yes will be available for all three generations of Pixel." So far the update hasn't landed on any of our devices via the Play Store just yet, but we're the Android Police. That means you can download the update for yourself a bit early over at APK Mirror.

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