Insurance might not be something you'd typically associate with smartphones, but as prices for premium flagships continue to rise, the option to protect yourself from a lost investment increasingly makes sense. Enter companies like Asurion, which work with carriers to provide smartphone insurance. In the case of Asurion and Verizon, the partners generally only offer their $13 per month Total Mobile Protection service within 30 days of a new device's purchase. Occasionally, though, Verizon and Asurion initiate an open enrollment period for people with devices under two years of age. That's the case right now, with the latest enrollment period expiring November 25th.

Total Mobile Protection protects against cracks, damages, post-warranty defects, loss, and theft. For cracked screens, those who are insured can potentially get a repair done at home, at an authorized repair location or mail it in. For most other damages, or loss and theft, the only option is to send away for a replacement. Verizon and Asurion promise a new device "as soon as the next day."

However, it's important to look at the fine print and make sure the service makes sense given your area and device — the cracked screen repair service, for instance, is only available on select smartphones. Additionally, you're going to want to make sure the deductibles aren't a surprise. Repairing a cracked screen costs $29, while the full replacement fee for a device ranges between $19 and $199 depending on how much the device costs outright.

If the service makes sense for you, it's also possible to purchase it for an entire account. Whereas single device coverage allows for up to three claims, the $39 per month multi-device coverage provides up to 9 shared claims. In any case, you've got almost two weeks to think it over.