If your Facebook app hasn't been reloading or your messages haven't been sending, you're not alone. An outage has just hit Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Oculus, with WhatsApp's functionality affected as well. Instagram appears to be running fine.

We've received multiple reports that Facebook's products aren't working properly. Facebook, Messenger, Oculus, and WhatsApp sites refuse to load. WhatsApp is still running, but not well; images are being downloaded in incorrect formats, rendering them unviewable. Some are also saying that Voice Notes aren't working, though others are saying that they're fine. Oddly, Instagram is still up and running, seemingly without an issue.

We'll update this post when the services go back up. Until then, everyone should head back to mySpace and see how that's been doing.

Seconds after the post went up, everything appears to have been restored. That was quick.

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