So many times we hear readers complain about Google's focus being way too US-centered. Sure, the company started here and has a significant user base, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating when new products and services debut, only to be US exclusives. While that favoritism isn't going to vanish any time soon, little by little we see Google expand its offerings in nations abroad, and today we're checking in with the latest developments in the international world of Google Pay.

When we last took a look, back at the end of October, Google Pay was making its debut in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Now we've got one more fresh country to add, as Google Pay comes online for United Arab Emirates. Select cards from EIB, ENBD, Mashreq, and Standard Chartered are supported — check Google's support documents for the specifics.

We've also got some Google Pay expansion in a few nations. Australia adds a couple banks to its list of Pay-supporting institutions, with Border Bank and UBank coming on board. Germany's also got two more, as VimPay and Revolut sign up.

Taiwan adds Google Pay support for certain Chang Hwa Commercial Bank cards, and finally Slovakia gets compatibility with Mastercards.

Those are all the international Google Pay additions to hit over the past couple weeks. Check back with us soon for whatever's landing next.