Xiaomi released its gaming phone, the Black Shark, in China last April. The black and neon green device packs some impressive specs for its modest price, including a Snapdragon 845 and either six or eight gigs of RAM. At the time, there was no word on whether it'd be coming to the rest of the world, but now, the company has announced that it'll release in Europe on November 16.

It's unclear which countries the phone will be available in; Xiaomi has only said "Europe." Price is also to be seen, but in China, the Black Shark costs ¥2,999 to ¥3,499, which is about $430 to $500 — a very fair price for the hardware.

If you're keen to pick one of these bad boys up but don't want to drop a yet-undetermined amount of your local currency on it, you can enter the "Lootbox Challenge," in which you "gain XP by completing tasks, playing games, and by purchasing Daily Buffs." You can exchange that XP for prizes, including the chance to win a Black Shark.

Will the Black Shark eventually make its way stateside? We can't be sure, but in the meantime, there's a pretty good chance your non-gaming phone can play games just fine (although you might want to stick a bright green skin on it so it feels more gamer).