Google Express still isn't the retail juggernaut Google would probably like it to be, but it's also far from hurting for partner stores. Every few weeks we update you with the latest stores to come on board, and it's rare that we don't see several dozen new faces. But while the numbers are there, we're at the point now where the majority of these new partners are companies on the smaller side — with odds better than not that you haven't even heard of most of them. This time, though, we've got at least one brand with some heavy-duty name recognition, as Nike begins Google Express sales.

While some companies are definitely guilty of half-assing it with their Google Express offerings, Nike's store is pretty decently populated, offering a nice selection of shoes and the company's other athletic clothing.

As for the rest of these additions, numbering just over one hundred, we're not seeing a ton of reason to be excited. Sure, you can get some Pele Soccer apparel or stock up on vitamins, but we're hard-pressed to identify many that stand out as real assets to Google Express. That said, we're trying not to be discouraged and will continue to update you on all the new stores coming to Google Express.

Remember, if you use Google Express between now and November 25 you make yourself eligible for up to $500 in free credit.