We'll be honest, we think Android as a whole is pretty swell, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. One of our bigger gripes with the platform has been the super slow and laggy share UI, which takes ages to populate even on the latest flagship hardware. Thankfully, according to a recent tweet by Android engineering VP Dave Burke, Google is working on a redesign.

The current share interface works by repopulating the list literally every time it's opened, which is a slow and tedious affair. Even if you haven't installed any new apps, Android will go through placing a query for the intent again, cumulatively wasting plenty of time and performance on the act. But according to Burke, fixing this is a priority.

The sum total of what we know encompasses a single tweet (character limit and all), but we're told Google plans to move to a "push" model compared to the current "pull" model, which should speed things up.

Perhaps in the future, we'll hear more. But for now, at least we know it's being worked on.