Google Assistant smart displays are one of the most intriguing new product categories in recent years, but they aren't that affordable. The Google Home Hub is the cheapest available at $150, but it's still a fair whack. At just $100, this 8" Lenovo Smart Display from Best Buy could be the perfect starting point.

Ryne was suitably enamored by the 10" version in his review, and although this deal is for the 8" model, that's no bad thing. The 10-incher is actually too big to comfortably fit in some spaces (like the worktop in my kitchen, annoyingly), so the smaller one could be the best bet.

Unlike the Home Hub, Lenovo's Smart Display has a camera for video calls that you can physically cover with a little switch. Other than that, the experience is the same — mine has just received the update bringing its features in line with Google's, including Home View. We've previously seen this display drop to $180 ($20 off), but this $100 deal will be hard to beat.