Google has been steadily updating its first-party apps to its "Google Material Theme" — which most of the internet continues to call Material Design 2, much to Google's apparent chagrin. The latest addition is Files Go, which has both a new look and a new name to go with it. The beta version of the app has both the stereotypical, mostly-white design, and it now just goes by the name of "Files."

Files Go got its beta channel at the beginning of this year, allowing the intrepid to opt-in to potentially less stable updates before the general population, and so far the changes to both look and name have only hit that version. The app also just hit the 50,000,000 download milestone today, so it's pretty popular.

Before (v1.0.217251024) and after (v1.0.219550556).

Functionality seems unchanged, so far as we can tell. The basic cleaning and more advanced file browsing functionalities are the same in the new beta version as they were in the most recent stable release. Apart from the new name and the tweaked appearance, it's the same Files Go you've (probably?) used before. The icon and shortened name now sit front and center on the default view, many of the fonts have been replaced with Google/Product Sans, and backgrounds are now mostly white.


Before and after for the sidebar menu and "Browse" sections.

As with other Google Material Theme updates, iconography has been updated to the new outlined style. In a few places, the order of entries has also been reshuffled, like in Browse and Settings. In other areas, like the dialog for clearing "Junk files," differences are even more minor.

The fun animations and images in the app still seem to be around, though in many cases they've been tweaked a bit to fit the change in background or to be a tiny bit more colorful.

In every way that matters, this is still Files Go, just with a new name and a new look. Again, so far these changes have only rolled out to the beta version of the app. If you haven't already opted in for the testing program, or you don't see the beta update on your own device, you can download this latest beta (v1.0.217251024) separately over at APK Mirror.

A few days following the release of this update, Google has finally made the name-change official, revealing "Files by Google" as the new moniker for Files Go.

There's no formal reason given for the rebranding, but Google alludes to the app's unexpected global popularity, and appeal extending beyond users and devices normally targeted by the Go program. According to Google, it's been seeing over 30 million monthly users.

Beyond that, the company just acknowledges the new look we've already shared with you here.

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