Last month Electronic Arts released a standalone gameplay beta for FIFA Mobile, and it would appear many of the changes tested in that beta have finally made their way to the official FIFA Mobile. Along with the start of a new season, you can expect a new engine, a new VIP program, and plenty of other enhancements over last year's seasonal update.

The beginning of a new season can be a contentious time, as many players are finding out. Much of their previous work has been erased, including their player level, roster, coins, boost progression, VS attack progression, achievements, trophy room, and league record. But all is not lost. EA has been so kind as to allow players to keep their FIFA point balance, Now and Later packs, and user logos.

As you can imagine, the latest reviews on the FIFA Mobile Play Store listing are pretty negative. It would seem people don't like losing almost everything they worked hard for in the last year, not to mention paid for, all in one fell swoop.

If you are still interested in playing the latest season after hearing your work will be wiped out in a year, here is what you can expect to find in the recent update. The biggest change is, of course, the addition of a new engine, which brings new animations, player models, and celebrations. The physics engine has also been improved, and there is also a new suite of skill moves.

As for the expected gameplay changes, there is a new VIP program, as well as a new chemistry system for your Ultimate Team. Past that, you can expect to find all the familiar mobile soccer gameplay the FIFA Mobile series is known for.

Electronic Arts has taken its greed to an entirely new level with the likes of FIFA Mobile. If anything, a game that wipes out almost the entirety of your progress every year, even if you've paid for a lot of it, is EA's wet dream. I bet the company would love to bring a system like this over to its AAA sports releases, not that those titles aren't already pushing a very anti-consumer design. I can sympathize that there are few quality soccer options out there thanks to greedy licensing agreements, but I have to wonder if FIFA Mobile is worth playing when such an abusive system is leveraged against the player base, all just to make a few more bucks. Personally, I'd recommend staying as far away from FIFA Mobile as possible.

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