Google Pay may first and foremost be a platform for transferring money, whether that's in the form of making mobile payments with NFC on our phones, buying things online, or just sending cash to friends or family, but that's just one component of its broader capabilities. In addition to storing loyalty cards or coupons, we've slowly been seeing support grow for transit tickets, letting users access fare passes right on their phones. This week we're getting some long-overdue growth in that area, with support arriving for a third transit provider.

The ball for this Google Pay transit support started rolling back in March, with the Las Vegas Monorail becoming the first system to work with Pay. That was followed a few weeks later when Portland, Oregon's Hop Fastpass picked up support of its own.

For our latest addition we're moving all the way from West Coast US to central England, as Pay learns to work with Swift tickets on the West Midlands Metro.

After buying tickets with the Swift app, users will be able to save them to Pay. Prior to use, tickets stored in Pay must be manually activated, at which point they can then be scanned by ticket inspection machines.

Working with only three transit systems after a little more than half a year hasn't made for the speediest launch to Google Pay's transit support, but we're hoping this new addition will just be the first of many over the weeks to come.