T-Mobile is a bit strange in that it has two prepaid branches: T-Mobile prepaid and the newly-renamed Metro by T-Mobile. Alongside its name change, Metro introduced two new plans with unlimited LTE at $50 and $60. T-Mobile has just added a new prepaid $50/month unlimited LTE plan of its own, though it doesn't seem quite as appealing as Metro's.

This new $50/month plan includes unlimited LTE, talk, and text. That's about it; there aren't any major perks like T-Mobile ONE's Netflix and international roaming. Your data might be slowed down in congested areas after 50GB is used in one month, and video streaming is restricted to 480p. Unlimited hotspot data at the nearly unusable 3G (512Kbps) is included, but there's no LTE.

It's a tough sell compared to Metro's $50/month plan. That one includes unlimited LTE, talk, and text, as well as 5GB of LTE hotspot and the 100GB Google One plan. Upgrading to the $60 plan nets you 15GB of LTE hotspot, plus an Amazon Prime subscription. It's worth noting that video streaming here is also limited to 480p, and your speeds may be reduced after 35GB.

The plan is available in T-Mobile stores only, and it'll only be around for a limited time (with no end date specified). Those who purchase a $100 ePin/service credit are eligible to get a free LG Aristo 2, Moto E5 Play, or T-Mobile REVVL. You're probably better off with one of the aforementioned Metro plans, though.