Samsung is among the last remaining outposts for committed notch haters, but they may soon have to accept the inevitable. At Samsung's developer conference today, the company talked about building on its "Infinity Display" designs. That culminated with the Infinity Flex, but before that Samsung teased upcoming Infinity Display designs, and three of them have notches.

The three notch designs are called Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. As you can probably guess, they're named after the general shape of the cutout. The U looks like the Essential Phone's notch, and the V is just a weirdly sharp version of that. The Infinity-O is probably the most interesting of the three. That one has a hole in the display off to the left. In the teaser image, the "O" cutout also appears to be much lower than the status bar where traditional notches are. Samsung apparently does not plan to use a wider iPhone-style notch.

Despite the lofty language used in Samsung's presentations, there's nothing magical about its hardware. Samsung is bound by the same rules as everyone else—the front-facing camera has to live someplace that isn't covered by the display. Unless you want to deal with sliders and motorized pop-up cameras, notches are the way to go right now. There is some hope, though. Alongside the three notches is a "New Infinity" design with no notch. So, it looks like Samsung will continue making at least some phones with slim bezels and no display cutout.