Last week, we covered a new feature for Opera Browser Beta that could block the cookie dialogs that appear on many sites. That feature is now coming to the stable version of the Android app, along with launcher shortcuts, new startup options, and a few other additions.

In a blog post about everything that's new in v48, Opera details the expansion of the ad blocker that now deals with cookie dialogs as well. It can be set to simply block the dialogs or automatically accept them, although I found from my previous testing of the beta that it didn't work on every site.

With new startup options, you can choose whether you want to reopen tabs or start fresh when you come back to the browser after a little while. For the first time, Opera now has app shortcuts for things like 'New tab' or 'Search' so you can add them to your homescreen for faster access.

Other new bits and bobs include a streamlined credit card info saving process, a new text size setting for a better reading experience, autofill improvements, and the ability to force zoom on all web pages. The new version hasn't rolled out to me yet, but it shouldn't be too long — we'll get it up on APK Mirror as soon as we can.

We now have the latest version available for download on APK Mirror. Enjoy!

Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Opera Browser: Fast & Private
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