How many banks can you name off the top of your head? Half a dozen? Maybe you econ nerds can hit 20 without breaking a sweat. But as you start thinking beyond the big national and regional chains, wondering just how many banks there really could be across the US, that number takes off running and does not stop. Over the past few years we've seen Google recruit an ever-growing number of these banks for mobile payment support, and that momentum is not about to slow down now.

Would you believe Google Pay currently works with over 1,000 US banks? Over 1,500? As of right now, the count's at just over 1,700, pushed that far thanks to the addition of 18 new financial institutions:

  • American National Bank Wichita
  • BancorpSouth
  • Bank of Brookhaven
  • Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co
  • Claremont Savings Bank
  • FOCUS Bank
  • Frankenmuth CU
  • Lindell Bank
  • MB Financial/Wisely ADP
  • N.E.W. Credit Union
  • Northirm Bank
  • Pedestal Bank
  • The Dart Bank
  • The Union State Bank of Everest
  • TriStar Bank
  • Univest Bank and Trust Co
  • Washington State Bank

At this rate, Google will have another couple dozen banks on board before the month's out, and it can't be that much longer before Pay support hits the 2,000 mark. That is, assuming there are that many banks left to add.