It's election day in the United States and to mark the occasion, has received a small but important tweak. 'Go Vote' is the simple message, as Google reminds its users of the importance of making your voice heard, regardless of who you support.

The Doodle is set in Google Sans, just like the company's famous logo, and clicking it takes you through to a search on where to go to vote, including a special card where you can enter your address to find out.

So if you want to vote in the US midterms but you're not sure where to go, there's a simple solution (as usual): Google it.

Beyond reminding you to vote in the first place and helping you to find your local polling place, Google also reminds us about a few other tools it has to help voters engage in the democratic process.

Searching for ballot measures will return info boxes outlining the issues at hand, helping voters to educate themselves prior to showing up at the polls. And while we're still a few hours away (i.e. there's time left — get out there and vote), this evening you'll be able to pull up results as they start coming in.