It's official, ZTE's weird, borderline experimental dual-screen Axon M is now available at bargain basement prices. You can now find new 64GB AT&T-compatible Axon M handsets for $250 in the US on eBay, which is roughly 65 percent off the original $725 price tag. 

From the very beginning, our own David Ruddock identified that the handset was "more of a concept come to life than commercial product," which made it difficult to justify such an investment. The device became less of a hard sell, though, with a monthly payment deal through Best Buy that reduced the overall cost of the phone to $525 shortly after launch. That may have been enough to draw in some ZTE fans with deep pockets, but the prices we're seeing now, which are more than halved, are much closer to warranting an impulse buy.

If you're looking to test out the dual 5.2" 1080p TFT displays — which combine to form a 6.75" 2160x1920 panel — then this offering from eBay seller amazing-wireless, is certainly one of the best deals on the market (after all, exclusive partner AT&T is still clinging to a $725 outright price). It's not alone, either — seller phonegreen, for instance, is offering the device from $280.

Apart from the display, the specs are middling: Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a single 20MP camera. But let's face it, if you're interested it's probably because you want to see what this form factor can offer (and impress your friends with a unique gadget while you're at it). The Axon M should be able to handle that.