Don't all your friends with Amazon Prime seem so ... well, smug? They can order whatever they want on a whim, and it shows up at their door just days later. You, on the other hand, seem like you're always trying to pad out an order to get it over that free-shipping threshold. Sure you could just pay for shipping like a savage, but this holiday season Amazon's got an even better idea, as it offers free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.

OK, so it's not exactly the same as Prime, as you won't get any of that fancy two-day expedited treatment. But you can enjoy the freedom of placing smaller orders without having to worry about an extra shipping fee.

This also doesn't get you around the "add-on item" limit, and Amazon is clear that some products are ineligible — but you're just going to have to check individual listings for those. If you see a "FREE Shipping" message and the item's fulfilled directly by Amazon, you're golden.

Amazon's free-shipping promotion begins today, and while the company doesn't provide a firm end date, it sure sounds like this will be running all the way through the holiday season, possibly right up until the end of the year.

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