Of all the bugs and issues reported for the Pixel 3 so far, one of the more bothersome is a memory management issue that overzealously kills background apps. While this has led some to wonder whether 4GB of RAM really isn't enough for a modern flagship, Google believes it can fix the issue with a software update, and says that fix will arrive "in the coming weeks."

Google told Android Police that the update will "keep background apps from being prematurely closed in certain situations." It's unclear what particular situations the company is referring to, but we do know from copious reports that music streaming apps like Spotify are often forced shut by taking a picture, so it's possible Google is looking to resolve that specific situation. However, the issue is evident in far more general ways, too.

From our own tests and the tests of others, you can clearly see that cycling between even three different apps on the Pixel 3 is often enough to force the first app out of memory, requiring it reload upon the next launch.

One developer, Nathan Chancellor, has suggested that the cause of the multitasking flaw is a change in how the company handles low-memory states by using something called Android Low Memory Killer Daemon (lmkd), and/or a potential kernel memory leak. Google itself has not provided any explanation yet.

As for when exactly it's arriving, the fix is not packaged with the November security update, so it seems by "coming weeks" Google likely means "however many weeks it takes to release the December security patch."