A smart speaker is a sensible place to start when building a smart home setup. If you're not sure the cost of entry will be worth it, though, this deal may speak to you: Amazon has refurbished units of its first-generation Echo speaker for just 50 bucks, $30 off its historical price of $79.99.

The Echo launched at $180, which isn't an insignificant ask; $49.99 isn't nearly as steep. And while yes, this is the older Echo, the newer one doesn't have any advantage when it comes to functionality — it's pretty much the same product in a prettier package. That one's currently going for $79.99, so it's up to you whether a better looking speaker is worth the $30 up-charge.

The Echo is apparently Amazon's best selling unlocked cell phone.

Don't be scared off by the refurbished bit; the device comes with a one-year warranty, and guaranteed to "look and work like new." Check out the Amazon link below to grab yours.