OnePlus' latest flagship, the 6T, was formally revealed one week ago. The phone had some big shoes to fill, given the generally positive opinion of the OnePlus 6, and it delivered. Based on what you've seen so far, have you taken the plunge? Did you pick up a 6T?

No phone is without its drawbacks, and the 6T has its own, including the sad loss of the headphone jack. But between the improved camera performance, the novelty of the in-display fingerprint sensor (a first in the US), and the miniature "waterdrop" notch, the 6T delivers a premium experience for its not-so-premium price.

That already low cost gets even lower if you're a former OnePlus customer, given the slightly ridiculous $300 credit for trade-ins at T-Mobile for the company's older phones. Anyone holding onto a OnePlus One or OnePlus 3 in the US is probably pretty tempted. Keep in mind, though, that there are some differences between the Unlocked and T-Mobile versions.

So, has this mid-cycle refresh caught your eye, or are you waiting for something else? Did you pick up a OnePlus 6T, or are you satisfied with what you've got?

Did you buy a OnePlus 6T?

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