The SPECTRA Mini Plus is the newest member in the SPECTRA family of electric skateboards, and it will redefine your commute. It's perfect for zipping around the city, and thanks to its small size and low weight, it's easy to carry around when you can't ride. So if you are looking for an accessible electric skateboard that's easy to ride and won't weigh you down when you can't, look no further than the SPECTRA Mini Plus.

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  • Kevin Ehlers

The SPECTRA was reported by Forbes as the "Tesla of electric skateboards" in 2017, all that's thanks to it being the world's first board with an A.I. system that can learn your postures.

There are actually three ways to control the SPECTRA Mini Plus with comfort and ease. The first is by taking advantage of the groundbreaking 3D Posture Control V2.0 that has a built-in AI system that learns as you ride. This way the board will assist to control your speed and turning by sensing your movements. The second control method allows for the use of a physical remote control that ergonomically fits in your hand while also providing an LED display of your current battery life and speed. And the last is the eBoard Go app that works as a remote control while also providing access to your speed modes and posture control. So no matter how you prefer to control the board, SPECTRA has you covered.


The SPECTRA Mini Plus Electric Skateboard normally retails for $499, but it is currently available for $419 thanks to a flash sale, so make sure to grab one soon. You can purchase the SPECTRA Mini Plus from the link below.

Purchase here: SPECTRA Mini Plus Electric Skateboard

This giveaway will run from Wednesday, October 31st to 11:59pm PT on Friday, November 2nd. One winner will be selected, and they will receive one SPECTRA Mini Plus Electric Skateboard. Only United States residents may enter. Good luck everyone!

SPECTRA Mini Plus Electric Skateboard